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Monogramming Info

If you wish to add a monogram to the item you are purchasing, go to the monogram section of the shop and select which type of monogram you want.

In the notes section of the check out page, write the name or initials that you want monogrammed on your item  If you want initials, please write the first and middle names using lower case letters and the last name using uppercase letters, in the order you want them stitched.

example. Mary Evelyn Jennings would be....mJe

or if you want the initials to be stitched all the same size, please write them using all capital letters. 

example:  William Lee Alford would be.... WLA

Click on Fonts to see the fonts that are available in each style of monogram, 1-One Letter, 2- Three letter monogram, 3-Three letter monogram straight across, 4-Name.

Please choose a font and thread color and  include it in the note section.

***Monograms are NOT included in the price unless it is stated****

***Engraved items include monogramming in the price.

If I am unclear of how you want the monogramming to be, I will email you for clarification